Weird: The mysterious Nunavut Ping

A strange sound of pinging originating from an ocean around Nunavut, have become a source of trouble for the hunters around the area because it appears to be scaring the sea mammals away. The hunters had been hunting down these sea mammals as a source of food. Then around 2017, it had to be clear that the strait of the Fury and Hecla was close to empty when normally it would have been full of whales and seals.

Nunavut ping Mystery

Mysterious Nunavut Ping – Image credits:

Typically, there are numerous theories as for the reason door the pinging, in addition to the Greenpeace contribution to rescue seals from becoming hunted as well as sonar surveys, however, none of this has come to a piece of conclusive evidence. A military-type plane had been used to investigate the reason for the pinging by being flown above the area but was not able to ping anything except walruses and whales. Men from the Canadian armed forces that time was about to send in acoustic experts to talk to local inhabitants of Igloolik, which was nearby, to get further details due to the ping. Up until now, there is no known source of the ping.

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