Weird: Story of The Butter Ball of Krishna

On a slope of about 45 degrees (with a base not up to 4 feet) around Mahabalipuram, in India, is a big boulder (more than 250 tons) called the Butter Ball of Krishna. The manner in which the boulder stays perched had made it appear as if it had been rolled downhill and had somewhat stopped before plunging deep down. Natural gravity had failed to try and move it; not even the numerous tourist who had tried to roll it further down.

Krishna’s Butter Ball

The Butter Ball of Krishna – Credits:

The boulder is thought of as being a glacier erratic, however, no one knows why it had stopped at that position. Based on a mythology of the Hindu people, Krishna, the great and mighty God, extremely liked eating butter as an infant and since the boulder has a tint of Orange, some people had believed that the boulder was a spoonful of butter that Krishna himself had dropped. That’s why it had been named the Butter Ball of Krishna.

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