Video: The Heartwarming story of Plum Grove Farm

At the time that Hurricane Harvey was raging on and ravaging the Plum Grove area of Texas, Lester Morrow didn’t have much alternative than to live behind his own farm animals. Apart from the fact that he was able to carry his dog along with him, they ran out of time in trying to hitch up their trailer to their truck. Due to this, he could not take along with him some horses, goats, donkeys as well as Patty, the potbelly pig.

Soon after as Morrow had gone back to the farm, he started recording the damaged property with his cellphone, beginning from the other extreme of his rather long driveway. A large body of water was still present in the property, and he had started commenting on the debris and trash which had floated to his land. At that moment he had seen Patty from a distance, the Pig had been so delighted to hear the voice of Lester, and she had started wading in the water to go meet Lester. Immediately, he started crying and had recorded all the animals that had lived through the storm.

Video: The Heartwarming story of Plum Grove Farm

Credits: Ima Survivor Sanctuary

A large number of his horses came out with broken legs, and more than 12 animals had been dead, however many of the animals had been able to pull down a fence to stand on the top of the house’s porch so as to survive the storm. He had the video posted on his YouTube channel to share it with his family and friends, and immediately, the video had gone viral. He subsequently created a campaign with a GoFundMe page to be able to assist the animals and he was able to raise about $14,000.

Plum Grove Farm