Video: Rescue of a New Born Kitten In a Hurricane

Charles Trippy became popular on the internet through daily vlogging for many years. He kept on with this practice for a pretty long time, that he had been awarded a World record from Guinness because of this. At the time that it was reported that Florida was about to be struck by Hurricane Irma back in the year 2017, their entire town was told to relocate. Charles with his whole family had chosen to take the risk by staying back along with the dogs with their electric generator.

Since Vlogging was something he does for a living on YouTube, Trippy had recorded what it felt like living in their town that was completely deserted at a time before the storm, during the storm as well as soon after the storm had passed.

At the time that Charles with the wife, Allie were on their way home with some hardware products from the store so as to settle down that night, they had seen a little 4-week year kitten which was standing at the centre in the street. They came out of the car and took the cat back into the car.

That evening, the extent of the damage and subsequent flooding that was due to the storm was pretty intense than had been imagined by them and were pretty much lucky about the fact that their home had not being destroyed. They had known that had they not picked up the little cat, it would not have survived. They chose to name the little kitten Rica, which means Hurricane for short.

Video: Rescue of a New Born Kitten In a Hurricane

Credits: Charles and Allie

Rescue kitten

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