Top 5 Funny Short Stories From France!

Context 1: To demonstrate the difficulty of achieving an association on fairgrounds:
Two friends meet after having lost contact for several years.

– So what are you becoming?

– I just started a business, I created a business by associating with someone.

– Interesting! And on what is your association based?

– It’s very simple. It will last for three years. I bring the experience and my partner, the money.

– But … Why three years?

– Because after three years, I will have the money and he will have the experience. ”

Funny stories

Context 2: To avoid the consequences of reckless promises made in order to obtain a contract, an order

“Justes Kobou has been a caterer for thirty years. He is preparing to take a well-deserved retirement but first, he has to transmit to his son all the tricks of the trade. And what a trade! Hard and stressful, which puts you in the grip of customers who are always more demanding on quality, quantity, presentation, accuracy, service, prices … Customers for whom the products of the planet are no longer sufficient and who demand ever more original and sophisticated dishes. play cynically the competition!

– To hold on you have to respect your two golden rules of trade all your life, explains Kobou to his son. First rule: respect your commitments. Whatever happens, even if you are bedridden with a horse fever or a leg in plaster, you have to keep your promises. Reputation is the most important thing in our business. To keep it, you have to make a perfect fault throughout your career. If your products are the best but you are not known, you sink. The customer is snobby and has no memory.

– And the second golden rule? Asked his son, whose face became more and browner as the presentation continues.

– Above all, never promise anything. ”

Context 3: To illustrate that money does not come by itself and that minimal effort is required

“Two Corsicans take a nap on the ground in a street in Ajaccio when a businessman passes near them and, rummaging through one of his pockets, drops a wad of € 500 bills. He does not notice it and continues on his way. This did not escape the two accomplices, but the packet of notes remains on the ground. Finally, one of the two whispers to the other:

– It is really bad luck, it was enough a breeze in our direction and we were rich … ”

Context 4: To illustrate the importance of creativity in the field of financial negotiation

The son of a banker asks his father:

– Dad, will you lend me 100 €?

– Of course, my son.

– But I would like you to give me only a € 50 bill.

– Why that?

– Because you will owe me 50 € and I will owe you 50 €. So we will be gone.”

Context 5: To illustrate how employees sometimes have the art of turning critical situations to their advantage

A manager burst into a colleague’s office and told him:

– It’s too strong! I just had an interview with the boss and we are not at all on the same wavelength. He made me a truly scandalous announcement and I assure you that if he does not withdraw what he just said, I will get out of this box!

– You look damn up! What did he tell you, the boss?

– Well … He told me he was flanking me at the door. ”