Top 10 Unsolved French Criminal Cases

3. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès case

Source photo: europe1

One of the most recent cases of this top with that of Chevaline, the Ligonnès affair fascinated France in the spring of 2011. On April 21, several weeks after the mysterious disappearance of the Nantes family, the investigators discovered the bodies of Agnes Dupont de Ligonnès and his 4 children, buried under the terrace. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is, of course, the main suspect, especially since his actions in the months and days preceding the disappearance of his family are more than doubtful. Closed bank accounts, cement and bags of lime bought in large quantities, cryptic messages on Internet forums, strange letters to his family, all elements giving the impression of a premeditated act. The most widespread thesis is that of a slow descent into hell, that of a ruined man unable to assume it with his own. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès will be seen one last time in the Var before disappearing completely this time. No one knows what has happened then.

4. Grégory case

Source photo : police-scientifique

Surely the most publicized legal affair in France, the death of “little Gregory” remains an enigma today. On October 16, 1984, the body of the young Grégory Villemin, 4 years old, was found in Vologne after the phone call of a crow claiming the murder of the little boy, a crow who has been harassing the family for 4 years now. Very quickly the police arrested Bernard Laroche, cousin of Jean-Marie Villemin, the father of the victim. Due to lack of evidence, he was released before being shot by his cousin, who still held him responsible for the death of his son. Multiple adventures will follow such as the indictment of Christine Villemin (then fully exonerated), the degradation and loss of exhibits or the reopening of investigations following the progress of DNA analysis… but without success. We still ignore the end of the story today, but it seems that we now know a little more about the famous crow …

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