Top 10 mysteries that still haven’t been solved

We cannot know everything. We can never know everything. One day, the earth will disappear and, very clever who can explain what we came to screw up there. But even when it comes to human things, it is not always easy to know the truth. Who was Somerton’s man? Where did the Mary Celeste crew go? And why did this funny epidemic disappear as it appeared in the 1920s? In fact, unanswered questions.

1. The Great Attractor

Ok, this is not a black hole. It is THE BIG ATTRACTOR, a gravitational anomaly which attracts everything to itself without anyone really knowing what it is, a massive thing at 200 million light-years which also undoubtedly attracts the Milky Way, but in which neither you nor I want to finish even if there is little chance that in 200 million light-years we will be there to live it.

2. The disappearance of the Flannan Islands lighthouse

In 1900, a year after the lighthouse off the coast of Scotland was put into service, the three men responsible for taking care of it on a rotating basis mysteriously disappeared. We realized this after several boats were surprised not to receive adequate signals despite the heavy weather. After verification, we found meals not even attacked on the table and missing coats. Mystery, you tell me. But it’s not over. The logbook, normally used to record items related to the weather or boat arrivals and departures, had been used by the three men as a real diary. In this notebook, there is an immense storm, a storm so terrible that the oldest of the three guards would have started to cry out of fear. The last words of the notebook, however, signal that the storm had ended and that all was well.

Top 10 mysteries: Flannan Islands lighthouse

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Upon verification, it turned out that there had never been a storm. Do you hear the music that freaks out?

3. The writing of the Indus

Formerly, in the Indus Valley, in present-day India, lived a fairly autonomous and writing civilization. When we say formerly, it is formerly, that is to say approximately between 3000 and 2000 years before Christ. Civilization wrote, therefore, by means of signs which were followed in groups of 5 to 10 and which were engraved on objects. Among the hundred signs identified since their discovery in 1875, NONE has been decoded. This writing system is unlike any other known ancient writing. Nobody understands it.

4. The murder of Julia Wallace

On June 19, 1931, William Wallace went to play chess at his Liverpool club. There, he is handed a message: a certain R. M. Qualtrough called him 25 minutes earlier to meet him at 25 Menlove Gardens East the next day at 7:30 p.m. to discuss an insurance business – Wallace was an insurer. The next evening, Wallace takes the tram to the address indicated and discovers that there is no Menlove Gardens East. He inquires of a cop, goes around the neighbourhood for 45 minutes, then drops out and goes home. There, he can’t open his door and runs into his neighbours who finally help him get in through the back door. At home, he finds the corpse of his wife, Julia, beaten to death.

The cops charge Wallace with the murder. However, nothing sticks, neither the hour of the crime nor the total absence of bloodstains on his clothes, nothing: he is however condemned to death, before being released on appeal. He resumes his life from before. We will never find the murderer.

5. The lethargic encephalitis epidemic of the years 1915-1926

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