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The step-by-step guide to getting your job in the U.S as a foreigner

The step-by-step guide to getting your job in the U.S as a foreigner

Five years ago, I set myself the goal of gaining professional experience in the United States for one or more years.

After some research, I realized that I couldn’t work in the USA without a visa. And that in order to get a work visa, I had to find a job and then be sponsored for a work visa.

Whatever your situation, the first thing to do is find a job in the USA. It is only then that you will be sponsored for your visa, and that you will be able to settle in the US.  

This guide will explain to you: how to get a job in the USA with visa sponsorship . Depending on your situation, profile, nationality, and your expectations.

Now let’s see how to find a job in the USA!

What type of work interests me?

Some of you have a clear goal. Others don’t.

If you know precisely the type of position you want to occupy in the US and its equivalence, that’s great! You already know what to look for, and exactly which opportunity to apply for. Your career plan is very clear. And so you can skip this paragraph and go straight to “What I’m going to get”.

If you don’t have a career plan yet, please don’t tell me you’re ready to do anything to live in the US It is NOT a career plan ! I have heard this far too many times for my liking. I know your goal is to live in the USA and gain more experience there. But above all, you need a PROFESSIONAL PROJECT!

I was in the same situation when we were looking for how to find a job in the USA. At first, I was open to any opportunity I could find, not just jobs in my industry. I applied for offers in sales, marketing, etc. And I found it was getting me nowhere.

You have to focus on what you love to do. And the skills you already have. Where do you see yourself working? What are your skills ? Which ones do you want to strengthen?

How to find a job in the USA by changing careers?

If you are tired of the job you are in right now , you can change careers. But you must first determine the intermediate positions that will allow you to reach your final position. Look for a job that requires your skills, as well as new skills that you would like to acquire. To then value these new skills in order to achieve your final goal.

Keep in mind your goal and your motivations for your future opportunities. Your goal must also be achievable based on your expertise and skills.

You may need to focus on new academic and professional goals so that you can put your knowledge and skills to good use. Plus, volunteering (even if it takes a personal investment) can be a fantastic opportunity to gain new strengths that you weren’t able to develop during your previous full-time jobs. It is a very good strategy to find a job in the USA with a career change.

The most sensitive part of your job search begins now. It is about finding out what you are going to get. Now that you know what you want to do, you need to make sure that it is possible in the US market. And in particular, for foreigners. Remember that you do not yet have a work visa. So you won’t be able to apply everywhere.

And to know if your profile and your expectations are suitable for finding a job in the USA, you must find out for which visa you are potentially eligible . Then, find the companies offering positions in your sector, and agreeing to sponsor this type of visa   

But the point is, it is vital at this point that you know the type of visa you will be eligible for. Why ? Because the company you are going to target and the approach you will have with it will be completely different depending on YOUR ideal visa. But also the situation, the profile and the career plan that you have just defined .

What is my ideal visa?

Work visas are incredibly complex. You must take into account your situation and profile (age, nationality, marital status, length of your stay, sector of activity, industry, years of experience, skills, level of English, etc.).

Your ideal visa (to find a job in the USA) will depend on your:

  • Nationality: Your native country may or may not have signed treaties with the United States. This will allow you to obtain certain types of visa. 
  • Academic level: If you have more than 5 years of experience OR a graduate degree, this should be easier for you.
  • Career: It depends on the company you are currently working for. Some will agree to transfer you to the US.
  • Skills: It also depends on your area of ​​expertise and activity. Depending on these, you will be able to obtain a specific visa.
  • Duration of your stay: How long do you want to stay in the US? Some visas will only allow you to stay for a few months. Others are permanent.

To go faster, and to know the ideal visa for YOU taking into account all these criteria, you just have to answer this quiz !  

I worked for several months to create and finalize this algorithm. So give it a try!

Be as specific as possible, and honest in your answers. Or the result you are going to get may be wrong. Don’t lie, and you will find out which visa is right for you.

If after having taken this quiz, you discover that a visa corresponds to your situation: CONGRATULATIONS !!!! You are on the good road. But before claiming victory, be aware that it may not be easy to get it anyway. You will surely have to make concessions in any case. But we’ll see that later in this article.

If the quiz reveals you: no potential visa 

Unfortunately, this means that it will be almost impossible for you to find a job in the USA. In any case in your situation, and with your current expectations. This means that what you want, and what you can offer, does not meet US requirements.

As we saw above, if you want this to work, you are going to have to adjust your career plan and your expectations. And make them correspond to the reality of the market. If you are in this case, I invite you to contact me directly so that we can study your profile and your situation by simply responding to one of my emails. After this interview, I can give you a status: the efforts you will have to make. And the expectations that you are going to have to reconsider to match the American criteria.

If you still get no potential visa because you don’t want to change your expectations, you are in a bind. I can’t help you anymore, and you don’t need to continue reading this article because you won’t find any information relevant to you. So don’t waste your time. I invite you to leave my site, and find another way than through work, or another country.  

But for those to whom the quiz has suggested a potential visa, it’s time to find out what the opportunities are for YOU!

But before that, you still have to make sure that your diploma is recognized in the United States.

Is my diploma recognized in the USA?

Depending on the sector you are interested in, you will probably have to prove that you have a specific academic level, diploma or certificate. In some cases, your country’s degree will be sufficient. But sometimes not. A lot of it depends on your industry.

For certain jobs such as health (doctors, nurses, specialists, etc.), you will have to obtain an equivalency. Or even take a lower position to work in the United States.

If you are a nurse , you will have to take an equivalency exam. If you are a general practitioner or a specialist , passing an equivalency is not enough. You will need to obtain a valid diploma in the state in which you wish to practice.

If you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, you will also need to obtain an equivalency. For lawyers , you must be admitted to the Bar of the State concerned, which will allow you to practice in the territory. And for those who would like to practice as a real estate agent , you will also need a license in the state in which you will be practicing.

So if you are in one of the cases that we have just seen, you must start by looking for your equivalence before your sponsoring company.

For all other jobs, and unless I’m mistaken, the good news is that you don’t need to pass equivalency! But you can click here to confirm.

As far as we are concerned, we did not need an equivalence to find a job in the USA. This also applies to people working in marketing, communication, sales, IT, human resources, finance, hotel and catering, etc.

When preparing your visa application, you will be asked for your diploma and its official translation into English. But for now, you don’t need to worry about it.

So we’ll be able to move on to the most exciting part of your job search in the United States!

Where can I find job offers for foreigners?

You should keep in mind that 95% of companies in the USA will not agree to sponsor your visa . Because as we saw earlier, they are satisfied with the local offer. So even if you find the job of your dreams in your industry, and it fits your profile perfectly, it won’t work 95% of the time . Try as much as you want, the company will not agree to sponsor you for a visa! Because she can just find an American. Or because you are not eligible for the type of visa she can sponsor. 

Explain to me why the company would launch into administrative procedures for a complete stranger coming from a country unknown to the battalion? So that she has everything she needs on site, and without complicating her life?

So remember this: don’t waste your time applying for jobs on general job boards . Even if they perfectly match your skills !!

Max encountered the same difficulties when we were looking for a job in the USA. He has had numerous interviews with American companies based in Denver. But when they brought up the subject of the visa, the company immediately declined. She wasn’t sponsoring a visa , that’s all.

So why not target just those 5% of companies that are used to hiring foreigners? And who will agree to take all the steps to sponsor the visa for which you are eligible?

Do the math. This will save you 95% of your time!

So if you were wondering how to find a job in the USA, you now have a better idea of ​​what to do. And it is quite simply to target only :

  • the corporate sponsors,
  • who can sponsor you or engage you with the visa for which YOU are eligible,
  • offering opportunities in YOUR field,
  • with job offers that match 80% or more to your motivations and skills. 

Is it more clear to you?

USponsor Me only references sponsor companies to help you find a job in the USA . We spent several months developing this search engine. And you will see that by using it, you will be able to filter all the criteria that will allow you to find the job offers that suit you!

Depending on the visa you are eligible for, you can also filter companies that sponsor people of your nationality. If you have answered the quiz, I have already sent you an email with the visa that applies to your case. And if you should filter your searches based on your nationality or not.

So once on the USponsor Me search engine , you must filter on the following criteria:

  • your potential future visa (+ your nationality if applicable)
  • the type of position you are targeting (+ your sector if applicable)
  • the location you are targeting (if applicable).

And you will discover the best jobs in the right companies depending on your visa, location, and the position you want to occupy. And only within the sponsoring companies! The results will be exactly what YOU are looking for. And what the business needs.

If the search engine does not reveal any (or very few) job (s) to you

If you did not find any job, it may depend on:

  • your visa. You will therefore have to modify your expectations, as I already told you earlier in this article. And therefore target another visa. Contact me by replying to one of my emails, and we can discuss it together.
  • the position you are looking for does not exist in the US. It happens ! In this case, you must do some research to define what type of position is sought, corresponding to your profile and your expectations.
  • you just have to adjust your search because the search engine doesn’t always work perfectly. But don’t worry, I can help you with that. Come see me on the chat!
  • or there is simply no open position in your area. The demand in your area in the US may be low. In this case, it might not be the right destination for you. And it will be difficult for you to find a job in the USA. But before considering this option, you need to make sure that you are not in one of the situations just described above.

If you have a lot of results, now is the time to get down to it

Start exploring your opportunities. And add to your favorites, only the positions which correspond to you at 80%.

USponsor Me is not yet fully developed. It is sometimes possible that a company that is a sponsor, does not sponsor over a certain period. Or make exceptions for certain positions. You should know that for a sponsor company, it is mandatory to maintain a minimum percentage of the workforce between nationality. You will therefore sometimes see job offers for which “no sponsorship ” will be indicated . In this case, ignore them. And keep selecting other ads.

Be careful ! Depending on your visa, you will not always need the company to sponsor your visa, because you can go through an organization that will take care of it! If you have answered the quiz, you have received an email with your potential visa. But also its advantages and disadvantages. So I always specify whether or not you need to be sponsored by a company.

If you do not need the company to sponsor you, then the mention “no sponsorship ” does not apply to you.  

However, if it is clearly stated that the company does not hire people with your visa, then do not waste your time applying. It won’t work. So ignore these announcements.

We are working hard to exclude all opportunities that are not relevant to foreigners seeking a visa even within sponsoring companies. And to enrich our database with positions for which sponsorship is guaranteed! Everything to help you find a job in the USA. It’s coming soon !

If you get a lot of results, but not in your industry …

If you get results, but are not what you are looking for, contact me . I will be happy to help you! USponsor Me is not yet perfect. I know that sometimes the search engine can be difficult to use. We are working very hard to launch a new version very soon which will be much easier to use to find your job! You should find out by the end of this year. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will be immediately notified when the new version of USponsor Me is live.     

Targeting your research is the first building block that will allow you to find a job in the USA . However, this is the first step in a quest that will be long! Once you’ve carefully targeted your businesses and vacancies, you can focus on your resume and cover letter. Here are several examples of American resumes that you can use.