The Mystery of The Wailing House

Christine and Alan Tait had been loving all the time that they were spending at their home, Ammanford house, located in wales, up until around June of 2018. Christine had gotten up to prepare coffee very late, a certain night when she suddenly became conscious some weird noise coming from within the house. She had called her husband in, who had helped her to find the source of the noise. They had heard several flushing noises, a motorcycle, running machines in addition to disembodied screams.

Wailing house

Wailing House – Image credits:

Finally, they soon discovered that these sounds were coming from the area within the basement that was below the kitchen. Alan had dug deep inside the walls and had placed recorders to discover the reason for these noises. The recorder was able to successfully record sirens from the police, a woman screaming, dogs barking as well as the horn of a car.

Christine had actually believed that there have been people who were living in the lower chambers of the basement. And these sounds could have been caused by human traffickers or possibly a drug-related lab. But, police are yet to find any reliable evidence to prove this. For now, Alan and Christine are very scared to come back to the house they call home and they are travelling all over the UK in search of somebody that will help demystify this mystery that is still uncovered.

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