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The formalities to study in the USA

The formalities to study in the USA Intruduction:

Going to the United States can be very complicated, especially when it comes to staying there for a while. Americans regulate immigration a lot. The formalities are very long and expensive. This is why it is advisable to do it two years in advance!

The formalities to study in the USA Details:

The formalities to go to study in the United States can be long and complicated ! Make sure you do your homework before you leave and prepare your trip carefully to ensure that you have the best possible chances.

Enrollment in an establishment

Being enrolled in a university course is essential to obtain your visa. You have to choose your establishment well according to the specificities it offers, and especially in relation to the probabilities of entering it, do not choose an establishment that is too selective if you do not have a very good record. To choose your course, you have to consult with the establishment. There are known equivalences between the United States and Europe, although they are not official (there is no official equivalence). Thus to enter a Bachelor degree you must have at least the Bac. For the Master’s degree, you must have a Bac + 4 (French master 1). And for the PH.D it is necessary to be at Bac + 5.

To enroll, an international student must follow the same steps as an American student. But he will have to carry out a few more tests to prove his good level of English (if he does not come from an English-speaking country or if English is not his mother tongue). These tests are the TOEFL or the IELTS , depending on the institution.


First of all, you must be registered in an establishment to be able to apply for a VISA. You should know that for registration, the establishment will ask for proof that the student is able to live financially for 12 months (pay the courses, be able to eat, be able to find accommodation, etc.). A letter from the bank attesting to all this is enough. This is essential because you must present the I-20 or DS-2019 document issued by the establishment in order to have a visa. Once the certificate has been obtained, you must go to the consulate for an oral interview . Interviews are only done in Paris for France. In addition, it is necessary to register in the SEVIS system which, since 2003, has made it possible to group together all the information concerning a person in relation to their file. There are three types of visa : : general and linguistic studies : professional or specialized studies : exchange programs

Following the interview, if it went well, the visa will arrive between 48 and 72 hours later. At the interview, it must be proven that the student is not seeking to settle permanently in the United States, and that he has strong ties in his country of origin. Thus any presumption of immigration must be ruled out by the consular officer during this interview. Usually a visa for a European student is not very complicated to obtain. A student visa is valid throughout the period of the program and continues to be valid 60 days after the end of the program to allow the visit of the country ( the grace period ), this period is only 30 days for J visas.

NB : The costs associated with the visa application are very high. It takes 130 € for the visa application itself ; 148 € for SEVIS fees for a visa.