Some Scary Mysteries You Have Ever Heard: 3- Skull helmets

Some Archaeologists that had been digging up burials in Ecuador, at Salango from 2014 to 2016 had discovered something confusing that they have never been able to explain. Among the things that had been buried were remains of a pair of baby sporting ‘helmets’ that had been created from the skulls of little children. It had been discovered that while they still had some flesh to them, the skulls were probably placed on the heads of the babies; with one baby having its face projecting out of the cranial vault. There also was a little bone that had been lodged between the head of the intact and the skull that was covering it. The archaeologists are not able to explain the skulls that had been used to cover the infant’s head, but there is a theory that had suggested that this may have been used to protect them based on ancient ritual. While no one knew what had killed the infants as well as the children, the bones of the children and infants had shown that they were likely malnourished. This was assumed to have been due to a volcano which had erupted within the area that probably may have caused famine. These observations have only been published more recently and to be proven correct more evidence is necessary.

Mystery of Skull helmets

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