Some Scary Mysteries You Have Ever Heard: 1- The Presence

Around the 20th of May, back in 1916, three tired figures had painfully walked to a whaling station around South Georgia’s northern coast. Named Tom Cream, Frank Worsley and Ernest Shackleton, the three figures had been walking unceasingly for close to two days. This was to get help from anyone that could assist in rescuing their entire crew. The crew are reported to be stuck on a different part on the island and Elephant Island. The journey was a torturous one because the men were forced to cross over mountainous care as while wielding just an axe and a rope as their primary aid. Their bravery got rewarded soon enough the moment help came in Stromness as all of them got rescued. It was about Somme weeks since the accident happened that all three of them noticed that they all commonly noticed something strange. All three men together had a feeling of something strange being with them throughout their journey; which was as if one more person had accompanied them in the effort to rescue themselves. The three men with similar accounts had reported that they had a weird feeling about somebody strange ‘walking’ with them until they finally got to Stromness, where it had vanished. Most especially, Shackleton, he was so terrified about what had happened that day, that he dislikes talking about the incident. Numerous theories have been brought forward to explain what had happened to all three men. There have been suggestions of neurological disorders, shared hallucination as well as side effects resulting from taking large doses from prescribed medicine. Till this day, what actually had happened during the trip as well as what or who was with them that day, is still a mystery that is unsolved.

The Presence Mystery