NBA: Cleveland finds the way to victory

After a hectic week, the Cavaliers ended a five-game losing streak on the Detroit prosecution. This victory, after extra time (112-115), should appease the spirits.

NBA: Cleveland finds the way to victory

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We will never really know what happened on Wednesday during the video session, where the language of John Beilein, coach of the Cavs, pitched. Did he reproach his players for “no longer playing like a bunch of thugs” or did he tell them that they “no longer play like a bunch of slugs”, the fact remains that his words greatly surprised, disoriented or even pissed off Cleveland players, even as the Ohio franchise, thirteenth of the Eastern Conference, is going through difficult times. The coach was forced to explain himself and apologized to his entire team the next day. Barely a month ago, it was Kevin Love, the star of the Cavs, who took on general manager Koby Altman and had also repeatedly expressed his exasperation on the ground.

Under these conditions, it was difficult to know in what state of mind the Cavs were going to appear on the field of Detroit, they who were stuck in a negative spiral of five defeats in a row.

Doumbouya in the starting five

The least we can say is that when facing Pistons deprived of Blake Griffin, operated on the left knee, Cleveland showed a lot of commitment and motivation. They had enough desire to lead slightly in the last quarter (90-91), after being led by thirteen points in the third, then to take Detroit until the end of regular time, after Derrick Rose, the leader des Pistons missed a final three-point shot that could have tipped the game for his own (102-102). At 110-110, it was an award-winning shot from Kevin Love that gave the Cavs the advantage, then, sixteen seconds from the end, a dunk of Tristan Thompson, a great craftsman of victory and who established his point record career (35), which definitely sent the victory to the Cleveland camp.

In Detroit, Andre Drummond multiplied on both sides of the field (28 points and 23 rebounds, half the rebounds of his team alone), Derrick Rose produced a good effort off the bench (27 points) but it was not enough. Note that Sekou Doumbouya was again in the starting five, played twenty minutes and found a little winning prize (8 points to 2/2 to 3 points, 1 rebound).

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