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Live and Study in the United States

Live and Study in the United States has always been a dream coveted by everyone. By the way, the phrase “living the American dream” is so common that there is an article on Wikihow called ” How to live the American dream”

If the title may seem funny at first glance, the article in itself is quite consistent and the words being put forward are rather thoughtful and reasonable.

In 3 parts and 18 steps, we explain in detail the steps to take to fully experience “The American Dream”.

By reading the article, you will realize that the third step is to train. And to aspire to be educated in the United States, we must first know the American education system as well as the course of studies.

Education system in the United States:

Unlike the Moroccan and French education systems, education in the United States allows students to choose the major and minor subjects they wish to study from high school. In addition, as soon as they graduate from high school, students are faced with a university education not only paying but at extremely high cost: this explains the recourse to merit scholarships, to savings spared by parents and loans that students undertake to repay as soon as they enter the professional world. From this fact, you can conclude that higher education in the United States is a great investment for both American and foreign students.

Diplomas issued by American institutions:

Associate Degree: The Associate Degree is carried out within Community Colleges over a period of two years of study. The training is offered in all disciplines and is considered equivalent to the first two years of the Bachelor. The student has the choice between the professional Associate Degree which prepares him for working life or the academic Associate Degree which allows him to continue his studies in another establishment to obtain a Bachelor.

The Associate Degree is hardly recognized if you plan to return to Morocco after your two years of study. It would therefore be rather judicious to opt for the Academic Associate Degree and to continue your studies in a Bachelor which, considered as equivalent to the Bachelor in Morocco, will facilitate your integration into the job market.

Bachelor Degree: Equivalent to the license in Morocco, the Bachelor Degree is the first university degree which requires four years of study in four- year colleges or universities. The training consists of major subjects which include the main subjects relating to the chosen field and minor subjects considered as a second competence of the student.

Master’s Degree: or the post- graduate program: ranging from one to two years of study after obtaining a Bachelor. You will have the choice between the professional master and the research master.

Ph.D : or doctorate : can range from three to five years of study after the Master’s degree .

Rating system in the United States:

In the United States, ratings are letters rather than numbers ranging from A to F.

  • A : Very good 
  • B : Good 
  • C : Medium  
  • D : insufficient 
  • E (or F) : Fail 

You will notice the presence of + (like A +) or – (like A-) which increase the precision.

Terms of Access:

If you want to continue your studies at a Community College or a university, be aware that the procedure can take you a minimum of 12 months of preparation. Again, a language test will be required depending on the training for which you are applying : IELTS , TOEFL , GRE , SAT, GMAT… in addition to your academic file which must include all your academic reports, and copies of your diplomas obtained.

You still need to have a good financial record that will allow you to finance your studies and live decently in the United States.

In addition, it is necessary to consult the requirements of each university to avoid any bad registration procedure.

Cost and financing of studies in the United States:

You must plan a minimum of 15.000 $ per year just for tuition fees.

Your housing option in the United States determines the costs for it :

  • Room in a university campus: The rooms in a dormitory are to be shared with one or two other American or foreign students. The sanitary facilities and the kitchen are also to be shared between the different residents of the same floor. The majority of university residences give you access to three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, the costs of which are paid at the start of the school year. You must reserve your place in advance by contacting the Housing Office or the International Student Office of your future university.

Rooms are expensive, around DH 500 $ per month.

  • Renting: Even more expensive, renting in the United States is not very recommended for students. On average, you should count 1000 $ per month and plan for a higher monthly amount in large cities such as: New York, Washington…
  • Roommate: The roommate in the United States is the best solution for second year students who have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the city, the climate … You should count around 500 $ up to 750 $ per month for a room in an apartment to share.
  • Host family: Host families are a very enriching solution both culturally and economically as you will also be fed. It takes around 750 $ per month. It is, however, advisable to find out about your future family beforehand in order to live in good conditions.
  • Youth hostels: this solution is especially for the medium term, even the first nights of your stay for around 15 to 25 $ per night.

As for your food in the United States, you must provide around 3000 $ per year.


Scholarships reserved for foreign students are granted on file by private organizations, like FullBright. However, the majority of scholarships are only awarded to master’s or doctoral students.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers scholarships for second year Associate Degree or Community college graduate students with financial need who wish to continue their Bachelor studies in the United States. These scholarships are offered to 50 students annually and can cover up to 100% of the costs of the last two years of the bachelor. You can apply for this scholarship from Morocco from your year.


Once admitted to the desired establishment, you will receive the DS-2019 which allows you to apply for the visa. You must still justify financial means covering one year (establishment, accommodation, food, etc.) in the United States.

There are three types of visas:

  • Visa F: for general and linguistic studies at American establishments;
  • Visa M: for professional or specialized studies (non-university establishments) valid for one year and does not allow you to work in the United States;
  • Visa J: for exchange programs of less than 18 months.

You will be summoned to the consulate for a visa interview. You must now show that you do not intend to live permanently in the United States and that you are attached to your country of origin.

If the interview goes well, you will have your student visa valid for the duration of the program with 60 more days to visit the country.

NB: The visa procedures must be started 3 months in advance.

Student jobs:

It is possible to work in the United States while studying. If you are following a full-time program, you can work on campus (library, cafeteria, etc.).

NB: Your visa only allows you to work 20 hours per week.