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Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States: Joe Biden suffers the first crisis of his mandate

Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration face a lot of criticism over the situation on the Mexican border. The US president is expected to speak on the subject on Thursday. 

Historical influx. Democratic President Joe Biden is facing one of the first crises of his term, on the subject of immigration. He is accused by some elected officials or observers of having caused a draft at the Mexican border and of not realizing the gravity of the situation. In mid-March, the Minister of Internal Security, Alejandro Mayorkas had recognized a historic influx of migrants, mainly from Central America, the largest for 20 years. The US president is expected to speak on the subject on Thursday at a press conference.

A desire to modernize the system. Heavily criticized for ambiguous remarks, Alejandro Mayorkas had called on Central American migrants not to come “for the moment” to the United States, in order to allow the newly elected Democratic administration to “rebuild” the system. in peril by former President Donald Trump. Last February, the Democratic administration presented a modernization plan facilitating the installation of “non-citizens”, preferred to the term “foreigners”. Among the flagship measures, detailed in the American media and cited by Courrier International : a shortened path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants on American soil on January 1 , the increase in the number of visas granted annually under of the Diversity Visa program or a process of access to a shortened legal status for agricultural workers.

Criticism of Republicans. Biden’s political opponents denounce a “draft”. Representing a policy of tightening entry conditions into the United States, former President Donald Trump has also reacted in the media. “It’s mind-boggling and it’s nothing compared to what will happen in the months to come,” he warned. “Americans are beginning to understand the gravity of the situation,” also said Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who deplores Joe Biden’s refusal to admit “a crisis”. He will soon go with other elected officials to the border. But the questions about the situation are spreading. Republican Senator John Cornyn and Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema , border state representatives, requested via a letter written together “a strong reaction” from the president.

“The border is closed”. In the face of criticism, the Biden government maintains its position: “the border is closed”. “We are expelling families, we are expelling single adults,” Alejandro Mayorkas recalled . Joe Biden said on Sunday that his government would ask migrants not to attempt to enter the United States. “We are going to do that, and make sure that we are going to restore what existed before, which is that they can stay at home and make their request from their country of origin,” added the 46th President of the United States. “The majority of people are turned away,” Jen Psaki , White House spokesman , said on Monday . 

Isolated children at the heart of the controversy. In addition to the influx of illegal migrants at the border, the situation of children isolated and locked up in centers are at the heart of the controversy. According to figures, not denied by Alejandro Mayorkas , 5,200 children are in these establishments, normally reserved for adults. A figure beyond the peak observed during the presidency of former President Donald Trump. In addition, more than 600 of them have been there for more than ten days, while the law allows the transit of these minors only for a maximum of three days . The Democratic president had pledged to erase “a moral and national shame” by remedying the separation of families, but the United States is now faced with the arrival of unaccompanied minors.