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Immigration procedures for Canada

Immigration procedures for Canada

It is important that scholarship candidates begin their immigration process at least three months before the planned departure date for Canada. These procedures must begin as soon as the Canadian or Quebec university sends them a letter authorizing them to participate in an exchange program, an offer of admission or a letter of invitation.

However, we suggest that you start preparing the required documents in order to speed up the process, while waiting for the admission letter to be sent to you.

As soon as you receive notification of obtaining an AUF scholarship, please check with the Canadian embassy, ​​high commission or consulate near you to determine the type of visa you need. by presenting them with your AUF scholarship certificate as well as the host certificate from the Canadian university.

It is important to know that students who will be staying in Quebec for 6 months or more need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) in addition to the study permit issued by Canada. 

For more information, you can consult the official website of the Government of Quebec . Download or complete the CAQ for studies application online. You must send your file to the regional office covering the territory of your host institution in Quebec.

To obtain the information documents and forms necessary to obtain the study permit that regularizes your status as a foreign student in Canada, you can :

Generally, a work permit is required for post-doctoral scholarship recipients who will be residing in Canada and Quebec. However, given that the scholarship is not a salary but a living allowance and that you do not have an employment contract with the university (you are carrying out unpaid research for the purpose of improving your training ), the work permit may not be required and you may be offered a temporary resident (visitor) permit.

Citizens of certain countries must obtain a temporary resident visa. In addition, if you are coming as a mobility student for a single session, you will only need this document. To find out if you need to obtain such a document, you can :

Download the temporary resident visa application . Please note that there is a fee for a single entry visa. Check the acceptable methods of payment with the Canadian mission near you.

Canada prohibits the importation of certain plants, foods and animals. Visit the Government of Canada Agency website to prevent your personal property from being confiscated.