Heartwarming Story: A Lucky Dog Survives a Tsunami In Japan

At the end of every natural disaster (whether it be an earthquake, tsunami, flood, fire, or tornado) rescue teams do their best in order to save our beloved animals. Sometimes they succeed to save our innocent souls but sometimes they fail and we feel so sad for losing such peaceful creature. Today we’ve got a heartwarming rescue story of a dog who survived a tsunami in Japan

A Lucky Dog Survives a Tsunami In Japan

On the 11th day of march in 2011, an earthquake of the magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale stroke Japan. subsequently, it was followed by the tsunami which hit the northern region of the country. About three weeks following the tragedy, the coast guards from the country had been searching the ocean for bodies which could be floating on the water. A mile off the shore, they saw a dog perching on a roof of a little building which had been floating on the water. Magically, the dog was able to survive the storm. They had lowered someone from the helicopter to get the dog, which they later discovered its name was ‘Ban’. The dog had been wrapped up in blankets, offered water and food, and the team of rescuers had carried him using a stretcher.

Ban had been brought back to its owner, who had chosen to remain anonymous within the media. She had put on a health mask while appearing on camera during the reunion to conceal her face. Ban had instantly recognized her owner and subsequently jumped up while wagging its tail and snuggled right into her chest while she embraced him. ‘Thank God…I will never let him go’ Heartwarming Story: A Lucky Dog Survives a Tsunami In Japan A Lucky Dog Survives a Tsunami In Japan – Photo credits: Listverse.com

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