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Green Card and the conditions to obtain it

Green Card and the conditions to obtain it

The “Green Card ” commonly known as the Green Card is a card that allows you to live and work freely in the United States, without having to apply for a visa. With the exception of the right to vote, this precious sesame gives you the same rights as an American citizen. What is it exactly? How do I get it? This article talks more about it.

Green Card : what is it?

The Green Card is a card that gives you permanent resident status in the United States . It is a coin issued by the US State Department, and which allows the US administration to identify non-US citizens. It gives you the same rights and duties as a US citizen , except the right to vote and the ability to serve on a jury.

Obtaining the Green Card is done following a procedure. We advise you to be accompanied by a lawyer specializing in immigration law in the USA . By going to the website , you will find a law firm whose help will be invaluable to you in your procedure for obtaining the Green Card . Thanks to the Green Card , you have the right to stay, exercise a professional activity or study in the USA. Possession of this sesame makes it easier, for example, to apply for university scholarships for your children, or to benefit from lower tuition fees. It also gives you access to loans at a preferential rate. You can use it to obtain US citizenship .

How to get the Green Card ?

There are different ways to get the green card in the United States.

The wedding

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is the first (and easiest) option you can consider if you want to have the Green Card . However, because they have had to observe cases of sham marriages, the US authorities do not automatically issue you the Green Card once the marriage has taken place. You are first issued a temporary green card for the first two years of marriage.   

After this period, you get the permanent resident card. Note that the procedures inherent in applying for the Green Card must be carried out by an American citizen . Likewise, they may vary depending on whether your spouse is already in the United States or abroad.


You can get your Green Card without necessarily putting the ring on your finger. Indeed, obtaining the green card is possible, provided that you are sponsored by a member of your family who already has American nationality or holds a Green Card . For example, when a member of your family has reached the age of 21, he or she can initiate a request for a green card for your benefit. The procedure may be shorter or longer depending on the relationship between you.  

You can also get the Green Card by sponsoring your employer. In this case, it is up to the latter to provide proof that you are essential, the only one to be qualified for the position concerned. Likewise, he must prove that your recruitment will not have a negative impact on the job market in the United States .

Apart from sponsorship and marriage, you can also get the Green Card via:

  • The lottery ;
  • The status of refugee or asylum seeker;
  • Investment in the USA.

Obtaining the Green Card is also possible if you can prove that you have an extraordinary talent. However, an international law lawyer is better able to help you get the green card.