Google disconnects Xiaomi cameras from Nest Hubs, they violated your privacy

Imagine that you want to access the images from your connected surveillance camera, but instead display those filmed by cameras of people you do not know … This is exactly what happened to a user who testifies on the Reddit forum.

Google disconnects Xiaomi cameras

Google disconnects Xiaomi cameras (

When viewing on his Google Nest Hub the video transmitted by his Xiaomi Mijia 1080p Smart IP Security Camera, a partially corrupted still image appeared, showing a completely different place than his home. The user explained that he was able to view eight different images, some of which showed a sleeping man in a chair or a child in his crib.

Xiaomi cameras banned from Assistant

It’s difficult at this time to determine whether this is a malfunction or a prank hacker hoax. Contacted by Android Police, Google took no risk and withdrew the permissions necessary for Xiaomi to work with its Assistant. A disconnection which concerns not only the cameras of the Chinese manufacturer but also all the devices belonging to the Mi Home ecosystem of Xiaomi, such as connected bulbs or … vacuum cleaners.

The user in question could see that access to his camera was effectively disabled, as was observed by the team of Android Police. If your Xiaomi connected devices no longer work with the Google solution, then this is completely normal for the moment, until the problem is resolved.

Source: Android

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