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Financing your studies in the United States

Financing your studies in the United States Introduction:

Studying in the United States is expensive and even more expensive when you are a foreign student. However, there are many possibilities to reduce this cost. By using scholarships or partnerships, it is possible not to pay too much for tuition fees. But, even though there are several ways to do it, it is not easy to be awarded a scholarship either.

The scholarships from the American government are all for the graduate level (Bac + 5) and are intended for the best students. They are very selective because the number of student applicants is greater than the number of places available. You are more likely to obtain one from the French State or from a private organization.

The Fulbright scholarship

About 30 students benefit from the Fulbright scholarships each year . There are three : Fulbright grants : awarded to twenty students French government Teaching Assistantships : awarded to 5 students wishing to become assistant professor of French in the United States. Fulbright Marillonet Fellowship : A student in a creative field gets the scholarship. The scholarships are for around $ 20 000 for a year of study (8-9 months) In addition Fulbright awards 4 scholarships to students of the ENS Paris-Saclay .

The different scholarships of the French State

-The general council scholarship
This is issued by the department (not all departments offer one), and its amount differs depending on the department. Assignments are made on a case-by-case basis and are given priority to those who need it most. The file withdraws to the student’s current institution.
-The regional council scholarship
It is issued by the region and as for the department, not all regions award any.
-The ” classic ” scholarship The scholarships which are issued to students who need it for their studies, also work for studies abroad. In addition, the CROUS offers financial aid for non-scholarship students wishing to study abroad. It happens that you can accumulate scholarships. Often there will be a ceiling to this accumulation. Cumulation is authorized and regulated according to your region / department. Inquire !  
Georgia Rotary Program scholarship It is aimed at the “ undergraduate ” level Bachelor ). It finances studies and life on site. The university must be in the state of Georgia, the student must never have studied in the United States, be a member of the Rotary Club, and be between 18 and 25 years old. The application is made in February of the year preceding the departure.   

The International Student Scholarship

Some institutions reserve scholarships for international students. These scholarships are not easy to access because they are reserved for the best people. But they are for all levels of study.

Georges Lurcy scholarship

This scholarship is intended for French students wishing to study at an American university. You must already be enrolled in the university to apply (you must present the letter of admission). Scholarships range from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 . It must : have French nationality good level of English (there is no test to see) a good academic record of university admission letter (US) where the student is enrolled in quality leader

The Florida-France Linkage Institute’s ” Out of State Tuitions ”  

An agreement exists between France and Florida, allowing 25 French students admitted to public establishments ( university and community college ) to benefit from a reduction in tuition costs . The student will benefit from the “ resident in Florida ” status and will not have to pay the fees of a foreign student but of an American student (which are two or even three times cheaper !)

Athletic scholarships

They are aimed at a much more specific audience. Indeed, you have to be a high level athlete without being a pro. There are only 19 sports that allow this scholarship. To be recruited by a team you have to go through sports associations (some private agencies can be considered as agents which would make you go pro). They are the ones who manage the scholarships and the recruitment of students. You have to be there to get recruited, but athletic scholarships can pay almost all of a student’s education costs !