NBA: Gregea Popovich’s mea culpa on Bam Adebayo

While the pivot of Miami was again very good during a success on San Antonio (106-100), the Spurs coach regretted not having perceived his progress with the team of the United States last summer.

Knowing how to question oneself is a sign of intelligence. Wednesday, Gregg Popovich has once again demonstrated by admitting, after a defeat of his team in Miami (106-100), that he had not perceived what Bam Adebayo, one of the favourites for the Trophy of Player having the most advanced (MIP), could bring to the team of the United States, which he led for the first time and which finished only seventh of the World Championship. While the young pivot of the Heat (22 years) had been called into a decimated selection, “Pop” had not kept him among the twelve parties in China.

“Since then, with what we see of him this season, it’s true that I shook my head in spite of several times, said Popovich while Adebayo has again shown his versatility against the Spurs (14 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks) and helped stifle LaMarcus Aldridge (12 points, 5 rebounds). He was not the player I saw during our preparation. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I should have done it differently to make these qualities more visible. ”
At the same time, it happens to everyone to make mistakes. Look at Kendrick Nunn: nobody thought of drafting it last June, no more the Spurs than the others, but the revelation of the Heat scored 33 points Wednesday without missing a single shot in the first half (8/8) and by giving fresh air to Miami with two baskets consecutive to the attack on money time (94-83, 45th).

A good deal for the Heat

This success allows Miami to take second place in the Eastern Conference in Boston, beaten at home by Detroit (103-116), and to keep two victories ahead of Toronto, winner in Oklahoma City (121-130) by shooting 55% at three points (15/27), Indiana, carried by a huge Domantas Sabonis (29 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists) in Minneapolis (99-104), and Philadelphia, which could count on 34 points from Tobias Harris against Brooklyn (117-106).

source and image credits: lequipe