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15 people whose cheating skills are beyond imagination

We all know cheating is a bad thing, but can we find someone who has never cheated in their life? Research indicates that 64% of students admitted to cheating in at least one of the tests they took, 58% of them admitted to practising a little “plagiarism,” and 95% said they participated in cheating in some form, even by copying homework from another friend.

We tip our hat to the bright side for people whose creativity and imagination push boundaries. But that doesn’t mean, of course, that we encourage them to cheat more, as they did in these photos we share with you today.

1. You have passed the exam!

  1. funny exam

2. Nice view from the math class window!!

3. A bottle of juice can save your life…


4. The 3rd hand, the secret tool for cheating!

secret hand

5. If you wanna hide something, put it in front of everyone


6. Don’t leave your footprints on your way to the classroom

7. The Famous True/False Trick

funny true false trick

8. A pen can help a lot

9. The easiest way to escape a question is to erase it

10. Special trainers for chemistry


Some funny stories

1.A completely drunk guy comes to ring insistently at people
in the middle of the night.
The man of the house gets up and asks furiously:
” What do you want ?”
The other answers him:
“Come push me !!! You have to come push me !!!!”
Exasperated the owner of the house said to him:
“I don’t know you, and besides it’s 4 a.m., you tell me
wake up to tell me to push you and I don’t want to, so get out
from here and don’t bother me anymore !!! ”
Back in the bedroom, he goes back to bed, but his wife who has everything
heard, sermons him:
“Even if you exaggerate, it has happened to you to be broken down
night, you could have pushed that poor guy!
– Yeah, but it’s cold and he’s drunk !!!
– All the more reason to help him, he’s not going to do it on his own. No ?
Really, I don’t recognize you, I’m very disappointed with your
Her husband, seized with remorse, gets dressed and goes downstairs. He opens the door and
calls out :
“Hey man !!! Okay, I got dressed on purpose to come to you.
to push !!! Where are you ?”
And the drunk guy answers:
“There on the swing

2.In the course of excavations in the Russian subsoil up to 100m of
depth, Russian scientists have found remnants of
copper that was around 1000 years old.

The Russians concluded that their ancestors already had 1000 years ago.
years of a copper wire network.

The Americans, for good measure, have also carried out
excavations in their basement to a depth of 200m.

They found fiberglass remains there. It turned out that they
were about 2000 years old.
Americans have concluded that their ancestors already had a
2000 years of a digital fiberglass network. And that, 1000 years before

A week later, in Belgium the following press release was published:
“Following excavations in the Belgian subsoil to a depth of
5000m Belgian scientists found nothing at all. They conclude
that the Former Belgians already had a Wi-Fi network 5,000 years ago.